A Father Who Is A Mother Too~ Our Leaning Shoulder

Happy Parents make A Happy Child.

What a wonderfully beautiful relation is of a Parent and a Child. Since we held our son OM for the first time in our arms, we immediately felt an unknown devotion towards him and a sudden rush of love, care, protection, affection, and several other emotions within us towards him. As time passed by with this little human being in our home, we have felt that its his smile that keeps our adrenaline rush, frees us from our egos, our worries and we surrender ourselves to him every single time at his command. 

Although I am a mother to our son, I feel that my husband has truly understood and lived up to being a mother in disguise to my son as well and a much better than me I would proudly say in some aspects. Well you would know from my son’s smile when he sees his father even from a distance. He has this distinct happy, secure, yearning smile every day at the time his papa comes home from work. He happily keeps looking at the main door to receive his father with the widest smile that makes all the day’s hard work melt in a fraction of a second (that is what my husband tells me everyday once he sees OM). It’s as if my husband silently tells my son every day “I am there, don’t you worry my champ, let mumma rest we both are going to have lot of fun together, just two of us” and the bandwagon gets ready 🙂 The one thing that tops every thing on the list of things I love how my son loves his father is how he motivates my little son to do things and how he calms him down from the crankiest phase of the day. That is hats off the best part I have ever seen some one do and a real patient person I must say. I feel extremely blessed and fortunate to have such a soul in my life. 

The way my Mr. Fab takes care of things required around the house and the baby may be different from how I manage. Possibly he may not be saying enough his heart out but he truly understands everything around that is important and promptly wears his supportive and protective Hat and he is with me every single time and in every important phase of my life fulfilling every single wish I have to his fullest ability. At times he truly justifies being my Best Friend and a true partner in real terms and just some other times, I want to kill him (**Wink**) :). When I see how my husband has become my son’s favourite person because of the way he handles and takes care of him and how he talks and plays with him, my emotions become priceless for that sight every single day. I always wished that if one of us was to be our baby’s favourite and a goto person, I wanted it to be my husband. 

I truly understand his shares of challenges and for that matter  every dad undergoes his share of challenges and compromise with the new addition to the family and for living up to his new role in life and I feel every single day every father should be treated as a Fathers day or much higher. I understand as mom’s we want things around our baby our way but then spare a thought and a moment being a spectator and observe how a father does the same things for the kids may be differently, I bet you would see at times your kids enjoying much more of the daddy dearest coolness. Isn’t that a sight of bliss? Isn’t that what will bring a content smile on our faces? It sure does for me when I see and then I let it go off from my stride and give the gear to the father and ride smoothly and trustingly with him. We all have  the best ride of our life. We keep hearing a lot about Mothers day even before a month and after a month of the day and how a Mother is great and what all we go through and do, Yes true but what a Father does is equally important and required for a child’s upbringing and I don’t think a Mother can do a complete justice to that role and that is a reason why its a balance to have both set of parents. With that note lets take a moment of pride and truly Thank and write a word of appreciation for all the cool dad’s of this world for what they are to our kids and what they truly symbolize being a father figure to them not to forget how wonderful they are as our true partners and take it all in their stride not for few years but for the entire life time.

Cheers to you my Mr. Fab and a very blessed Father’s day. With lots of luv and my signature hug, OM and I are truly blessed to have you with us because we need you at every step and we love this ride of our life with you and you truly are our Leaning Shoulder. Om has the best papa and I am totally relaxed with that thought 🙂

Wish y’all a very Happy Father’s Day.

Stay Tuned & Classy 🙂


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