There is no doubt that 2016 has been a glorious year for me. I am very grateful and thankful for everything. I have achieved some of my own set milestones last year both personally and professionally. I think it has been a quiet productive year where I learnt a lot about myself and have also observed a lot from and about people. Well whats done and gone is done and gone. Fresh new day and it has been an amazing start so far. I have a pretty  hectic year to look forward to and I am very excited and nervous at the same time. This year is going to test all my abilities to the max and I am going to rediscover myself. I am going to learn a lot about myself and that is what I want to focus for most part of the year. Although this year is going to be one of the most memorable year of my life, I know it is going to test me in every aspect of patience, my capability to handle life and little bitty things and every drop of my blood and every inch of my nerve. I know this for a fact because I know myself very well that how I feel right now and what my expectations are from my own self and my own life. I refuse to be typical and traditional and hence I know it is going to test me at every cell of my body as possible. Apart from this I have a fair bit of important professional highs to prove and achieve for my self and also on my own fitness goals and getting back on the track. I have things fanned out in my mind but I am not sure how everything will be spaced out throughout the year. I know it is going to be extremely challenging and I may come to a point of giving it up and cry my heart out, but I am going to live and survive through this year and all my plans, that is what I know for sure or at least I believe to know that. 

I have learnt from my experiences that if you put it out there what you want in life, the entire universe manifests to work with you in order to help you get through your wishes if you are willing to work hard for it. I have to learn to value my time more and just prioritize in order to get through what I want in this year. I will be extremely proud of myself when I achieve if not everything than most part of my goals and plans.Ofcourse in all this I will be having a blessed help of my family and a strong back and side from my beloved husband. All I know I can do is not fret and stress about and have a little more hope. Isn’t it? We all need a little more hope for ourselves. I think that is the ultimate solution to most of the things in life is to have a positive outlook towards every outcome and work hard and strive harder for the next step. I have many people whom I look up to and hence I feel things are achievable and I feel little more settled with that thought. Everyone does things a lot differently but most importantly they do it according to what suits them the most. It’s perfectly fine to have a totally different outlook towards the most common and traditional things. That is where the strength and courage lies and I want to be even stronger and upfront of what I want to do and what makes me feel more balanced and comfortable. Hope is what I am looking to lean on and I will keep hoping while I keep working and achieving things. Before ending this beautiful day and flipping to another page of this new year, I will share a wonderful mouth-watering recipe of Malai Kofta that is made in a jiffy and yet extremely delicious that I know I am never going to feel the same when I eat out now. You can make this recipe in about 45 minutes and you wont be able to realize you have a put up a  royal dish in front of the guests when you really have no time to skim through your refrigerator. Also kids friendly too!

With this beautiful yet one of my bold post so far, here’s to a wonderful, strong, joyful, harmonious Happy New Year. I am very sure that you will enjoy reading through this post and trying the recipe and do leave your comments on how you liked the recipe. Have a Fab Classy One!

Malai Koftas
Serves 3
Deliciously mouthwatering, Smooth paneer balls of love
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  1. 1 large potato
  2. 230 grams of grated or crumbled paneer (freshly made is best or you can use the ready paneer and finely grate it)
  3. 1/2 onion (optional)
  4. 1 clove garlic
  5. 1/2 green chilli deseeded if hot
  6. 1.5 tomatoes
  7. 1/2 red bell pepper (for nice red color)
  8. small piece of ginger
  9. 1 tbspn of oil
  10. 1 tspn cumin seeds
  11. pinch of asefotida
  12. 1 tspn black pepper
  13. 1 tspn of garam masala
  14. 2 tbspn of chopped cashews
  15. 1 tbspn of raisins
  16. salt to taste
  17. pinch of sugar
  18. 2 tbspn thick cream or 3 tbsn warm milk
  19. pinch of saffron
  20. pinch of cardamom
  21. 2 tbspn corn flour or corn starch or tapioca starch
  1. First boil the potato
  2. While the potato is boiling, you can roughly chop into big pieces onion, garlic, 1 tbspn of cashews, ginger, green chilli, bell pepper and tomato
  3. Heat 1/2 tbspn of oil in a deep kadai or pan, once it is nice and hot add the cumin seeds, asefotida and once the seeds splutter add in all the chopped ingredients.
  4. Stirn to mix well, add in pinch of salt and cover to cook on medium flame till they are soft and little mushy. Add in a little cardamom powder or one pod of cardamom.
  5. Once everything is cooked well, turn the flame off and let it cool.
  6. Now back to the potatoes which may have been boiled and cooled by now. Grate your paneer or take the freshly amde crumbled paneer and mix it with corn starch.
  7. Add in salt, black pepper, pinch of garam masala and knead into a soft dough.
  8. Meanwhile heat the deep pan of oil to deep fry the koftas.
  9. Wile the oil is getting hot, roll out small balls of the dough and stuff the cashew and raisins in each balls. With this you should get atleast 12 medium size balls.
  10. Once you start frying the balls on medium flame, blend the gravy mixture of onion tomatoes to make a smooth paste.
  11. Heat the remaining 1/2 tbspn oil in the same pan and add in the gravy and let it cook until you see the oil oozing out.
  12. Keep an eye on frying koftas and fry them all and keep aside.
  13. Once the gravy is cooked, add in the water to make athin gravy that is not too thick and not too runny. Let it come to 2 boils.
  14. At this point warm the milk and add in saffron and cardamom powder.
  15. Once the gravy is nicely boiled, add in the milk or cream and sugar.
  16. Garnish wit dried fenugreek or leave it as it is.
  17. When ready to serve, plate the koftas and the laddle the hot gravy on top.
  18. Enjoy with steamed jeera rice/pulav/parathas/naan/or garlic rotis.
  19. We enjoyed garnishing the koftas with grated cheese! This was indeed my beloved hubby's super touch and it sure was mesmerising. Try it!
  1. You can even make the koftaas in advance and then reheat them once ready to eat. Do not mix the gravy and koftas otherwise the koftas will soak the gravy and it will be all mushy.
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