2018 Adventures ~ Here I Come

Hey everyone, wish you all a very Fab and Classy Happy New Year😊

How glorious a greeting the first ray of sun gives the earth! The feeling of a fresh crisp new year is one of the best feelings and for this day and many other fulfilling days I had in 2017 and the days to come ahead I am truly and humbly grateful and blessed.

Life has been in sync for most part of this year. We started our year of 2017 with a beautiful addition to our family, our newborn son Om and our lives started revolving merrily around his gaze to capture each and every moment. It’s been a whirlwind year full of excitement, little bit of challenges, getting to know each other better, getting to know ourselves even more and being blessed to be with family. I got to enjoy my maternity leave to the fullest although it wasn’t enough but I am satisfied since that was the best I could ask for and hence I made the most out of it. We even managed to travel quiet a few places around the country with an infant and we survived our travel hassle free~thanks to proper planning and adequate preparation beforehand.

Overall I must say I felt more and more centred throughout the entire year, probably this might have to do with the major lifestyle change I started to make since last year both personally and professionally. With the best intention in mind, I started to practice to slow down more to simply and care for myself first in order to better take care of the family.  I realized how much malnourished we can become over the period of time when it come to being compassionate for own self, more caring and self accepting. I think we tend to become more and more expecting rather than accepting. It will be much more appropriate to say that I am still practicing and learning to be more self centred but that is one thing I would like to bring in to live up to in 2018. It certainly feels like an epitome of ultimate relaxation. I am not a person who makes any resolutions and neither do I believe in making one. But if I had to think of how I would plan my 2018, I would like to be more in sync and go further in the journey of self learning and letting go of anything or anyone that does not resonate with my peace and joy and from whom I cannot learn or gain any knowledge. With this path I would feel pretty happy and I would like to continue on this journey throughout this year.

To celebrate the beginning of this joyous year, we decided to make a royal recipe of Balushahi or Glazed Doughnuts. It’s a popular Bihari dessert and one of the flakiest dessert I have tasted and utterly mouth-watering. In Gujarat we have something close to this which is known as Khaja. This is the second time I made it in 2 years and it always gets better with every attempt. It is indeed a very time-consuming recipe but every bite is worth the hours you spend making it. So go ahead and take that time for yourself and make this recipe and see how therapeutic it is because this recipe is going to test your patience as well (**wink**) As I said I am practicing to slow down and letting things go, this recipe could not have had a better time than this. 

Life will become much more exciting if we saw it as an adventure with one of the destination as miracle. I have few important must do things planned out that I am excited to accomplish and I am looking forward for attaining my goals month after month ofoucrse I will be sharing my happiness with you all in this space which is just between me and y’all. I simply am too excited and cannot wait to discover what adventures 2018 has in bag for me.

Stay Tunes, Fab and Classy 🙂 Happy 2018

Balushahi dough balls in Prep
Ghee Smeared Golden Balls

Serves 6
Flaky, Deliciuos Mouthwatering Dessert, Glazed Doughnuts
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  1. 1.5 Cups Refined Flour (maida)
  2. 1/4 Tspn Baking Soda
  3. 6 Tbspns Pure Ghee
  4. 4 Tbspns Yogurt
  5. 2 Cups Sugar
  6. 1 Cup Water
  7. 2 Tbspns Milk
  8. 1 Tbsps each Almonds and Pistachios chopped
  1. Sieve the flour and baking soda together. Gently rub the ghee in the flour and make a crumbled mixture
  2. Add beaten yogurt and make a soft dough
  3. Cover with a wet cheese cloth and allow it to stand 30 minutes
  4. Divide the dough into 12 equal parts or small balls. It need not be perfect round. Donot overwork the dough while making balls.
  5. Make dent with a thumb in each ball in the centre in order to let the ghee penetrate while frying and it can cook from inside.
  6. Heat ghee in a deep frying pan, and let it just be medium hot.Add the prepared dough balls and let them fry on slow flame taking care the ghee/oil doesnot get too hot
  7. Gradually the balushahis will start floating on top and then gently turn them on the other side for frying. This step is the most time consuming and may take about 45 minutes.
  8. Drain the balushahi and allow them cool at room temperature.
  9. Mean while you can heat the sugar and water to make the sugar syrup. Melt the sugar and let the syrup reach about one thread consistency if you desire more sweet then 2 stirng.
  10. Midway add the milk in the syrup to let the scum surface and remove it.
  11. Once the syrup is ready put the balushahi in the syrup for about 20-30 minutes.
  12. Gently remove the balushahi from the syrup and garnish with chopped nuts and devour the melt in mouth flaky balushahi.
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