My name is Heena and this is my Blog. Starting this year I have upgraded my status with utmost pride and blessed happiness. Now I am also fondly and proudly know as “ॐ’s (Om’s) Mumma”. I live in Australia with my husband and my newborn son ॐ (OM). I moved to Australia from United States, after living there for about 10 years. I am a dreamer, wanderer and an avid traveller as I would describe myself to be. I have lived in few different states during my stay in the US and have proudly ticked off maximum states off my travel list. I strongly feel and believe that I belong to each of these places after being there for so many years and now that I am in Melbourne, I feel that I am becoming a Melbournian!

I started this blog in 2014 as a diary of stories from my life, my experiences as a reader, traveller, my food journey, my mouth-watering healthy recipes, my fitness tips  and much more. Basically I aspire to write my thoughts, my experiences from my every day life and share with you all along with my fitness journey.I believe that everything reminds us of something and we are all related to one or the other extent. When you put your heart into something along with your own expression and passion behind any idea, that idea becomes yours. I respect and have always been impressed with authenticity more than originality. Since the later feels more forced compared to the former which is quiet resonant in its own way. 

ॐ’Mumma is a fitness enthusiast (I luvrr to lift) , avid reader, ravenous traveller with hungry legs that are always looking for places to just run. I am also on a look out for adventures and many of my friends fondly call me “The Adventure Girl”. I also love to wear a **virtual** hat that reads “Experimental Chef”.  I love to cook because I see cooking as very therapeutic and it puts me in to great mood. I storngly beilive that in the end the only thing that matters the most is how one feels. 

Come along to expereince my little world that is full of stories, chit chat, recipes along the way and some much needed fitness motivation. 

Feel free to drop me a line regarding feedback, comment, queries @ fitbihini@gmail.com

In the Pic: Tights: Nike Capri

Top: Nike Racer Back Tank Top

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