Healthy Adventures of An Awesome Mom

In the last post I shared about my fitness journey throughout the glorious 9 month pregnancy. Today I am going to share (picture heavy) about a 30 day fitness challenge that I took 8 weeks post-partum. I am not on any mission to loose weight or look slim and skinny. If anything then I am on a mission (if some would call it) to look stronger, fit and healthy. I want to be elated when I have to get up every time


By now you might have guessed from the title what this post is going to be about. Yes you are right! I have recently become a mum of a very gorgeous little baby boy “OM”. He is the most handsome and the cutest baby boy and I am extremely proud of him and myself. Now that I have got a hang of the daily baby routine, I managed to take some time to write this inspirational (for so many of you if you n

How To Make Live Sauerkraut- Optimal Nourishment For Dark Days

Just like when life gives you lemons, you make a lemonade, similarly when life gives you crunchy fresh cabbage, you make a sauerkraut German for ‘sour cabbage’. Its nothing like you buy it store-bought, it’s just a world apart tastier and healthier. Sauerkraut is the very basic fermentation projects for curious first time DIYers. Sauerkraut is known as a basic peasant food very traditional to

Snap Off Your Weight Issues @ Snap Fitness 24/7

Why do we find gyms so intimidating? If you think about it, they can become your second home. Because if your body is a ‘Temple’ then the gym or a health/sports club is the place where you offer ‘worship’ & ‘prayer’ and get that peace and calm within you to get going in whatever you want to do in your life. As we all have heard that “Summer Bodies Are Made In WinterR

Melbourne, Stories, few pictures of the city and couple of very healthy recipes from my kitchen

Last time I was talking briefly about lot of things I am up to in this new, somewhat fast city. Well, one thing I have liked here a lot is the trams and trains accessibility. I am a person who has been always a car person most of my life. While my stay in US I drove every single day multiple times a day, and still I always used to feel that if there were a good public transport it would have been really great. But

Melbourne, Australia, Here and There…

Melbourne, Australia, Here and There… Hi All… After a long time I am writing something. Lastly I was talking all about food and how we manage to discriminate the food in to “pieces” and what not. Some debates about Protein as well went into the last post. Today I am just going to share my personal experience just talking about what Heena is really up to..:) I have relocated my self in the southern