A Father Who Is A Mother Too~ Our Leaning Shoulder

Happy Parents make A Happy Child. What a wonderfully beautiful relation is of a Parent and a Child. Since we held our son OM for the first time in our arms, we immediately felt an unknown devotion towards him and a sudden rush of love, care, protection, affection, and several other emotions within us towards him. As time passed by with this little human being in our home, we have felt that its his smile that keeps

1,095 Days Of Togetherness

Before few days we celebrated our wedding anniversary, 1095 days of blessed togetherness and counting. When the world was busy unwrapping and opening gift boxes just after Christmas, we treated ourselves to an island trip for relaxing, lazing out and pretty much doing nothing. It was a luxury retreat staycation for us, much needed I must say.It’s true that, I unwrapped the best boxing day

Spiced Carrot-Apple Muffins ~ The Happy Muffins

I am getting absorbed in my routine pretty well (& hectic) and I am getting used to all the hustle bustle and the daily commute along with the new neighborhood, the familiarity of a different kitchen and its basic appliances. Its funny how we grow attachment to every little details of our daily mundane life that after a while the new ones even though better seem to be foreign for a while and

Birthday Special ~ Gulab Jamun With Dark Chocolate Ganache

It’s my husband’s birthday today and here is a very special, love filled wish and many more to come to my dearest husband and my best friend  He is the most lovable, funniest person I have ever known. He can come up with the wittiest stuff and the funniest songs out of the no where. I am glad I am sharing this life time with him. Our life may not be perfect but honselty he makes every moment w

Baked Plums With Honey Yogurt – A Dessert Story

Sometimes somethings can feel like it is a fairy dust. I have often felt and experienced that sometimes when I am in the midst of doing something like going by my day’s routine mundane work, running around errands, writing, or reading, working out, I feel like I am suddenly dragged by my thoughts walking on one of those long, never ending escalators at the Parliament station in Melbourne CBD, where I st

The Story about our Recent Moving and a very Healing, Herb filled Paratha and Dates Chutney Recipe

We recently got relocated and shifted to a new apartment home. I must tell you all, moving/shifting is one heck of a thing, even if it is in the same neighborhood. A big hassle not only physical but also mental. I just feel that I have been in this transit period since a long time now. I need total rest with my husband like a long getaway. Seriously, this all has been such tiring and hectic episodes till now. First