How To Prepare For Your First Camping Trip

It’s almost two months that we took a camping getaway in one of the scenic national park. I am going through the picture memories of our beautiful, relaxing getaway and am already thinking of another one. Today in this post I am going to share some important points of how to prepare for a camping getaway based on my camping trip experience.  Are you a fist time camper? Yes..then you a

Sleeping Under The Stars – Wilsons Prom Camping Getaway

I did not grow up camping. It came to me sort of outdoor adventure with friends during my stay in the United States. It was like if you wanna hang out together at the national park, we camp there or else we won’t go sort of. So that is how I experienced my first camping experience at a National Park in Alabama. And as they say, the rest is the history, it’s been a learning and a well-experienced curve t

I Love Cupcakes and I Cannot Lie – CupCake Central

It had been a hectic last week for me. Infact this whole month has been crazy and I am so looking forward for the next few weeks of this holiday season. Finally I think I will get some time to relax mentally and shut my mind off everything that involved hectic running around.  I now have my own blog website running and I am very excited to get started with this blog post today. Well what better than

My Experience @ Axil Coffee Roasters – A Review

Axil Coffee Roasters Axil Coffee Roasters-Restaurant Review Address: 322, Burwood Road, Hawthorn, Vic (03) 9819 0091 Since I visited Axil for the first time, I have been raving about my experience and enjoyment of a good restaurant to everyone I meet and was very excited to write and share a formal review about my experience. I recently visited Axil Coffee Roasters restaurant thrice in two months. It is quite imp

Reasons to have Bali on your bucket list

We recently came back from a week long holiday in Bali. I am so glad that we chose to visit Bali instead since it was the perfect month before the monsoon starts in Bali and also a perfect getaway to a tropical part of the world from dry, cold weather in Aussie land. Before we actually visited Bali, we did get mixed reviews from lots of friends who visited Bali and about things that we may need to be careful about

Melbourne, Stories, few pictures of the city and couple of very healthy recipes from my kitchen

Last time I was talking briefly about lot of things I am up to in this new, somewhat fast city. Well, one thing I have liked here a lot is the trams and trains accessibility. I am a person who has been always a car person most of my life. While my stay in US I drove every single day multiple times a day, and still I always used to feel that if there were a good public transport it would have been really great. But