There is no doubt that 2016 has been a glorious year for me. I am very grateful and thankful for everything. I have achieved some of my own set milestones last year both personally and professionally. I think it has been a quiet productive year where I learnt a lot about myself and have also observed a lot from and about people. Well whats done and gone is done and gone. Fresh new day and it has been an amazing sta

1,095 Days Of Togetherness

Before few days we celebrated our wedding anniversary, 1095 days of blessed togetherness and counting. When the world was busy unwrapping and opening gift boxes just after Christmas, we treated ourselves to an island trip for relaxing, lazing out and pretty much doing nothing. It was a luxury retreat staycation for us, much needed I must say.It’s true that, I unwrapped the best boxing day

The Joy Of Baking~Oats Almond Coconut Eggless Biscotti

I got a perfect day to myself today and I used the later part of my afternoon for baking. Well, that turned out to be a really well planned productive day for me. Today I decided to bake some crisp biscottis. I have decided to bake some eggless biscottis with coconut oil and Oats which is not that common in a tradinoal biscotti recipe. This recipe uses wholemeal flour and oats as a base. Biscottis are a nice way to

Spiced Carrot-Apple Muffins ~ The Happy Muffins

I am getting absorbed in my routine pretty well (& hectic) and I am getting used to all the hustle bustle and the daily commute along with the new neighborhood, the familiarity of a different kitchen and its basic appliances. Its funny how we grow attachment to every little details of our daily mundane life that after a while the new ones even though better seem to be foreign for a while and

How To Prepare For Your First Camping Trip

It’s almost two months that we took a camping getaway in one of the scenic national park. I am going through the picture memories of our beautiful, relaxing getaway and am already thinking of another one. Today in this post I am going to share some important points of how to prepare for a camping getaway based on my camping trip experience.  Are you a fist time camper? Yes..then you a

Birthday Special ~ Gulab Jamun With Dark Chocolate Ganache

It’s my husband’s birthday today and here is a very special, love filled wish and many more to come to my dearest husband and my best friend  He is the most lovable, funniest person I have ever known. He can come up with the wittiest stuff and the funniest songs out of the no where. I am glad I am sharing this life time with him. Our life may not be perfect but honselty he makes every moment w