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“If you are alone you belong entirely to yourself. If you are accompanied by even one companion you belong only half to yourself or even less in proportion to the thoughtlessness of his conduct and if you have more than one companion you will fall more deeply into the same plight.” ~ Leaonardo Da Vinci

What is your reaction to Happiness? Are you a kind of person who is someone of a “happy in the moment” person? or are you of a kind who has a late reaction to happiness?

 I have always believed and learnt from my experiences that happiness is the state of mind. I am happy whenever the moment demands and I am sad and upset when I am supposed to be sad. All other times, if the situation is neutral I stay accordingly. I like the neutral one better at times because then I get to be just the spectator of the surroundings and enjoy all of it without being questioned or judged nor I have to provide any explanation of the feelings (sad or happy). It’s certainly a skill to be mastered and for me I am learning it and am loving it. I have never pinned my happiness on any thing or person. In fact I generally don’t get impressed easily by anything or anyone, I would say I am a little anal about that. It takes real stuff for me to impressed and most of the times I found that the interest of me being impressed by a person or a thing or situation has lined up with me being motivated as well at the same time. So you see, it’s really hard for me to get impressed and wealth would be the least of my concern in that list. It always been that to be happy is a decision and an everyday habit irrespective of the action. I am also one of those rare (I think**wink**) who finds Zen and true happiness in enjoying with her own self for endless hours (Thanks to the years of staying by myself alone in a foreign land). I never ever get bored with just being alone and with myself. Over the years I have developed a favourite relation with myself and experienced that being alone and to know how to be with your own self is really an art. Not everyone truly understands the depth of real happiness that comes from enjoying and making time useful while being alone (Mind y’all I mean Alone and not just Lonely) Recently I had a movie date with my superb self  (Thanks to my hubby who got all excited and supported full throttle) which was also a part of my 2017 must do list. Earlier this year I felt that I need to start doing things that I used to do by myself before few years. And boy was it fun. I had  a blast and it was soul satisfying, which is why now that is definitely going to be on my goto things to do. 

Another such thing on this year list has been to read more and more non-fiction genres (I get bored easily unless it has interesting stuff). I must say so far I have read 6 non fiction books (Pretty good huh) out of which two of them sticked out to be my favourites (Shonda Rhimes “Year of Yes” and Greg Meckown “Essentialism”). Both the books are going to be re-read again at some point of time. Although both the books are opposite in concepts yet I feel  I could relate to both of the books in one way or another. Essentialism focuses on what is essential in life or aka what your top priority is or the most important thing on your list and then you reanalyze what your next priority is and so on. Specifically the author mentions to focus on what is really important  and what brings you real joy and personal growth. If something or someone doesnot solve a purpose than take it off your list and day. While in the other book Shonda (apart from the book being really good on vocab and flow) says how saying Yes to things changed her life and opened lot of possibilities and opportunities. I was surprised how I could relate to both of these concepts although I feel I can’t be extreme as what these books are advocating either Yes or No, but I find it easier to hit the middle ground of being a person who knows when to say Yes to things that are really important, joyful, bringing personal growth, make you get out of your comfort zone and elevating my self as long as it is solving a purpose while I say No or rather have learnt to say No to things and people who really aren’t bringing anything useful or fall into priority category. I still go ahead and say Yes to certain situations that may be out of my comfort zone and I am glad at times that I do that because that really brings me a sense of confidence and happiness that at least I did what I was reluctant to do. Afterall we never know everything or at least if we know certain things than we might learn something new redoing it or looking at it from a different perspective. Overall I really  enjoyed reading both of these books and I am glad I picked up a genre that I have been picky until now. Now things like this brings me true happiness (Ofcourse there are people who I truly crave to spend time with and they make me happy and they come to the list of Yes always and they know it). Glad I made a to do list seems like I am saying Yes to a lot of important things this year and freeing up my valuable time from lot of non-essential commitments.

While we are on the subject of happiness here is a special recipe of Churma Laddoos for the Happy Belly Lord Ganesha. We recently enjoyed the festival of Ganesh chaturthi (well its the laddoos that we wait for 😛) and its kind of legacy to make these special laddoos on this day and serve them to the deity first offer prayers and then enjoy them. These are made the traditional Gujarati way or I would say they are made the way they should be eaten i.e. Guilt free not the baked one or less oil/ghee or shallow fired. I can’t really understand how you can possibly enjoy or make baked form of any traditional sweet (No offense to people who like that way). These laddoos are made in the following simple order: making the dough, frying the dough balls and then adding jaggery or powdered sugar and lots of ghee. They are extremely yummy and they are made of corse whole wheat flour little granular than the normal roti flour what we call it bhakhri flour.  

I make these laddoos how my mom has been making it and it has always turned out the best laddoos every time. they are absolute favourite in my home. Also they are really super quick to make. While my infant was napping, I made them in about 45 minutes while doing other cooking alongside. We enjoyed them to the fullest and I am sure you will enjoy them. These laddoos don’t need any occasion to enjoy them although the Ganesha festival makes them extra special and adds more flavour to it. 🙂

So are you a Yes person or a No person? What brings you true joy and happiness? What is your definition of being happy? Or are you a balanced person? I would love to know your thoughts on this and hope you all loved reading this peice of my post.

Stay Tuned and Classy 🙂

Dough Balls
Powdered Mixture After Grinding
Mixture Laden with Ghee to Roll Laddoos
Ganesha’s Favorite
Plate Full of Happiness~ Ganpati Bappa Moriya
Churma Laddos
Serves 6
Delicious, whoelwheat sweet laddoos
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  1. 1 Cup Coarse Whole Wheat flour (Bhakhri flour)
  2. 1/4 Cup more or less Ghee (adjust the amount as per the need)
  3. Oil for deep frying
  4. 2 Tbspn oil for maiking dough
  5. 2 Tbspn Chickpea flour (Besan)
  6. 1/2 Cup Jaggery Pinch of cardamom
  7. Poppy seeds (Optional)
  1. First mkae a thick dough like a bhakhri with oil and flour
  2. Then roll out small logs of dough balls with your hands
  3. deep fry these dough balls in oil at medium heat till they become golden brown and fully cooked through
  4. Once the fried balls are cooled, grind them in to a fine powder using a blender or food processor
  5. Heat little ghee in a pan and roast chickpea flour in the ghee untill aromoatic
  6. In the same pan at low heat melt the jaggery for just a minute and mix everything together along with the remaining ghee and flouw powdered mixture.
  7. Adding ghee roasted besan is a ingredient that gives the laddoos a soft creamy bite. Its a must and try it if you have never added it to your laddoos.
  8. Add pinch of cardamom and start rolling them with your ghee smeared palms chanting Ganpanti Bappa's name.
  9. If you are using poppy seeds, rool each laddoo in the poppy seeds although this is optinal. I did not use it.
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