Sweet Nothings | Everyone deserves a little sweetness

Happy Mother’s Day to all you beautiful ladies out there. I hope you all strong and awesome women get a day just to yourself. I hope that you all get to do things that you really wanted to do and I hope you all get to sleep more. At least a full night’s or an elongated day sleep. I am sure all you mom’s out there wish for this vital thing in your life – SLEEP. I would want to tell all the hu

Coffee Pancakes & Baked Peaches

Its been a while that I spent time here sharing some interesting recipes. Although I have been cooking quiet a few exotic recipes which I will be posting soon in the coming weeks. So be prepared y’all for a plethora and healthy overdose of some simple recipes made with the most common ingredients yet with a twist. For me food is something that needs to be utterly delicious to my palate, simple to make, easy t